Raised in the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, Crain, brings an international flair to her clients' needs. Most importantly, she makes it a point to listen, decipher and learn what makes up her clients' want list. Crain has always had a passion for architecture and design, and so knows the market well. She brings a Midwestern value and ethic appreciated by all her clients and makes sure that all needs are met from start to finish.

Finally, Crain’s own mantra is that the greatest joy life has to give is a chance to work hard at work worth doing. And this work she describes as “fun, exciting and fulfilling” as it is one of the most important decisions and investment one makes in their lifetime. Combine all this as well as the intangibles, and they are a recipe for success all her clients enjoy.

When she's not poring over the Michigan real estate market, golfing, skiing or any other sport… Crain enjoys spending time with her husband and running after their four little girls.

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