Ashley Mann was born and raised on the Woodward Corridor. She has lived and worked all over Oakland County, which has contributed, to her knowledge of the area, countywide.

Ashley attended Birmingham Public Schools from pre-school through high school, graduating from Wylie E. Groves. She went on to attend Western Michigan University obtaining a bachelors degree in organizational communication and public relations, minoring in psychology and substance abuse.

Upon graduating from college, Ashley dove right in to the real estate world. She began working for one of the industries top agents at Hall & Hunter Realtors. Ashley spent four years as a licensed assistant and real estate sales person learning every angle of the industry. Learning market trends, proper pricing techniques, negotiating tools, home staging/presentation, customizable sales and marketing methods (including social media utilization) and much more.

Ashley Mann's fresh well-rounded perspective of real estate provides for an excitingly smooth home purchasing and/or selling experience. Her goal is to make sure that not only are all of her clients needs met day in and day out, but to also make sure that each client enjoys their real estate journey.

Hall & Hunter Realtors' 2015 Rookie of the Year.

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