Native Michiganders, Frank and Julie Flynn offer an impressive blend of superior service, extensive real estate knowledge, and a list of preferred vendors and contractors to assist their clients during the home buying and selling process. They have personal long-term relationships with their clients, as well as local and global agents and are eager to help you reach your Real Estate goals anywhere in the world. The Flynns offer a unique customer experience dedicated to a concierge approach with integrity and attention to detail. Julie and Frank have been top-tier producers winning high-level agent awards from the beginning of their Real Estate careers, recognized in the top 1.5% of Realtors in Michigan, consistent HOUR DETROIT Real Estate All-Stars, relocation specialists, and expert negotiators. They are founding members of The Birmingham Bloomfield Realtor Network. Frank's vast experience in the construction industry and his 20+ year career managing the Russell Hardware Company, catering to residential and commercial builders, designers, architects, and homeowners add tremendous insight to their customers and clients. He was also a volunteer fireman for the city of Birmingham. Frank is an associate broker and has held a seat on the GMAR Grievance committee and is currently a committee member on the GMAR Professional Standards committee. Julie's love of real estate blossomed after years of volunteer and charity work, active PTA membership, administrative employment within the Birmingham school district, and president of the Birmingham Bloomfield Women's Association, working on behalf of those in need in and around their community. With a passion for architecture, automobiles, charity benefits for Habitat for Humanity, Six Rivers Land Conservatory, and others, the Flynns can frequently be found cruising around town in one of their classic cars, exploring distinctive properties, enjoying nature and spending quality time with family and friends. With over two decades in the Real Estate industry, they are enthusiastic about the future of Real Estate and take homeownership seriously.

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