From its summer camps, year-round recreational activities, beautiful parks, and great community center and aquatic center, this community screams family charm. Welcome to Huntington Woods.

This middle to upscale community is about one-square-mile and offers its residents a tight-knit neighborhood feel with incredible beauty.

It’s located in Southeastern Oakland County and is bounded by 11 Mile to the north, Woodward Avenue to the east, the I-696 Service Drive to the south and Coolidge Highway to the west.  Within its borders, are the Detroit Zoo and Rackham Golf Course.

The Huntington Woods Recreation Center and swimming pool are part of a larger complex which includes the Huntington Woods Library and Cultural Center, Burton Elementary School and Burton Community Park. Without a commercial downtown, this complex is the “heart” of Huntington Woods.  It is conveniently accessible to all residents on foot, bike or automobile.

Homes for Sale in Huntington Woods

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