In Novi, there is much to be proud of — excellent schools, quality public services, safe neighborhoods, preservation of natural features, solid property values, and continued development. The city’s residents are extremely proud of their cultural diversity. More than 60 businesses based in Japan and at least 14 businesses based in Germany call Novi “home” in the United States. Combine these factors with fiscal responsibility and an open government that values and welcomes community involvement, and you have a dynamic, prospering city.

In 2016, the City of Novi was named one of the 50 “Best Places to Live” in 2016 by MONEY Magazine. The magazine praised Novi for its rich diversity – both in business and people – as 25 percent of the 60,000 residents are non-white and more than 1,000 of the 3,000 companies are of the international variety. They appreciated the focus on community, highlighting events like the Japan Festival, the Festival of Chariots, India Day and the Ethnic Taste and Tune Fest. The quality of the Novi Community School District also played a major role for all it offers students, including the ability for those in grades 5-12 to learn five different languages. Of course, Novi’s location and retail offerings have long been gushed about. Access to the airport and downtown Detroit is relatively seamless, and Twelve Oaks Mall remains the premiere shopping destination in the state.

Then there is the low crime rate and a public safety department that embraces its motto of “Partners with our Community.” Police officers and firefighters are regularly seen engaging residents, and the department’s focus on data-driven approaches to crime and traffic safety is one that has been modeled by others.

Recreation opportunities are abundant as well, and just a few months ago, the Novi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department received accreditation by the Commission for Accreditation of Parks and Recreation Agencies. Novi is now just one of four accredited agencies in Michigan and one of 155 nationwide. Factor in, according to MONEY, “the cherry on top,” of a below average cost  of-living index and relatively affordable housing, and it’s easy to see why Novi was the lone city to represent Michigan on the list.

The community has much to offer prospective companies. Located at the convergence of four major expressways, Novi has unparalleled access and proximity to health care, technology, and automotive industry headquarters. This, coupled with vibrant retail centers, sets Novi apart from other communities and is one of the many reasons businesses choose Novi.

Homes for Sale in Novi

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