Our in-house Marketing & Advertising Department truly separates us from our competitors and is focused on promoting your property using the most innovative approaches to print, digital and social media advertising. Working closely with your agent, we prepare and execute a comprehensive marketing plan that properly saturates local markets and connects with national and international feeder markets.

  • We can strategically promote your property in the most popular print publications in not only Metro Detroit, but across the entire state and country.
  • Full-time writer and graphic designer to assist with property advertisements
  • Professional photographer
  • Custom print/digital brochures, postcards & flyers to highlight your home
  • Recommendations for drone photography, interactive 3D photography
  • Social media exposure with custom postings & ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Ability to build and host a professional, custom website for you property that further details the home’s selling points, including full-color photos, and options to showcase virtual tours and/or video of your property
  • Property listing exposure on more than 200 local, national, and internal websites